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Visiting a Denturist : Know When To Visit


Dental emergencies don’t really get the importance and concern that they should. According to reports, about 60% of adults get admitted with aggravated emergencies that have been previously ignored. Dental emergencies are not an easy thing because it might just have to end up in surgery. To prevent such a situation, you should realize that there are a few emergencies that need to be dealt with promptly. What kind of dental incidents are treated as urgencies? Keep reading to find out more.

when to visit a denturist?

A Broken Tooth

Not only does a broken tooth impact the aesthetics of your face but it can also cause a lot of problems inside your mouth. From cuts to infections, anything can develop if a broken tooth is not replaced or fixed immediately. Hence, take the urgent action and fix your tooth. Visit the denturist for he can determine whether the tooth needs to removed completely or a cap would suffice. In case, the tooth is removed, you can opt for partial dentures.

Loss of Teeth

Your baby teeth will naturally be replaced by a new set of permanent teeth. However, if those permanent teeth start falling out, you should not ignore the situation at all. The reason behind fallen tooth can be many, from gingivitis to plaque. If not dealt with fast, the surrounding tooth also starts becoming loose due to the erosion of gum bones. This can soon lead to loss of all the teeth. To avoid such a situation, you should visit the denturist and get partial dentures promptly.

Damaged Dentures

This one goes without saying but if you have a damaged or broken denture, you should immediately opt for emergency denture services. Using damaged dentures can not only cause irritation to your mouth but erode the jaw bone and affect the gums. Be it a partial or a complete denture, you should not delay such an emergency situation. Whatever be the reason, if the dentures cause discomfort of any sorts, you should immediately visit a denturist.

Severe Pain

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is a toothache. While a mild one can be controlled at home using painkillers, but if the pain becomes unbearable, it is always a safer option to get it checked. The pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons including exposed plaque, gum infections or even injury to the jaw bone. Some people have a high threshold for pain, however, if it is chronic and nagging, you shouldn’t delay your appointment. Also, notice if the pain is disrupting your daily life routines. Cause if it does, you need to go for an emergency.

Loss of Filing, Bridges, and Crowns

Filings, bridges, and crowns are used as semi-permanent solutions for various dental issues, however, if a problem arises with these, you should surely rush to the denturist. The most important thing to notice here is that a lost filing can expose weak parts of the teeth or a damaged bridge can cause a lot of problem in your mouth. These can go on to cause pain and discomfort. To avoid the same, you should immediately hit it to the denturist and get things fixed.

So, now that you know when to take action, make sure you take it regardless. Book an appointment at emergency denture clinic Edmonton based and fix all of your dental and denture issues.


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