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Top 10 Questions to Think About before Getting Your Dentures


Modern inventions have helped Man to attain great heights in life. Be it in the form of inventing a new machine, technology or equipment, life has become simpler than what it was few years ago. In this respect, health conditions have also improved; there is a solution for most of the physical ailments, be it a broken leg, missing teeth or a heart transplant, anyone can lead a normal stable life with the right treatment.

Questions About Getting Your Dentures

In the world of dentistry also, there have been significant changes where dentists have come up with a useful solution for dental problems. Two such solutions that have provided relief to many sufferers across the world are dentures and implants. They are the perfect treatment for missing teeth; dentures are set of false teeth that can be worn and taken out if you have missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth are missing, you can choose complete or partial denture solutions.

You can also avail dental implant services where metal frames or posts are infused inside the jawbone and firmly holds the artificial teeth in position.

Before you go for your required denture services, make sure you are clear with the following basic questions:

1.What is the best way to repair broken dentures?

Dentures can break if it is dropped from a great height. If this happens to you anytime, don’t worry! Do not try any DIY techniques or use store-bought adhesives to fix the dentures. Instead visit a reputed denture clinic in Edmonton, like Shore Denture Clinic, and get it repaired by a trusted denturist.

2.What are the guidelines for partial denture repair?

There are various ways by which your partial dentures can break. But that doesn’t give you the liberty to repair it by your self. Instead, call up a reputed denturist in Edmonton and wait for further instructions. Fix up an appointment with your denturist and carry the broken partial denture to him/her. Wearing a broken denture can be uncomfortable for you so soak the dentures until you visit your denturist for repairing it.

3.Who provides the best denture service in Edmonton?

While there are many denturists thriving in the Edmonton area, out of them Mr. Leon Kassian who heads Shore Denture Clinic, offers commendable denture services. He has been in this profession for more than 20 years, right from 1992. He offers partial and complete denture solutions, dental implants and relines as well as other dental solutions like mouth guards, same-day relines, teeth whitening and many more.

4.Who are the best denturists in Edmonton, Kingsway?

It has to be Mr. Leon Kassian, the veteran denturist in Shore Denture Clinic. He knows all about dentures and dental implants since he has been practicing for more than 20 years now. So if you are looking for the best denturist in Edmonton and Kingsway, trust him for everything related to dentures and more.

5.Can dentures be made at home?

Yes, dentures can be made at home by purchasing a DIY false teeth kit. The main drawback of this is that dentures that are made at home are often not strong and durable enough and other problems might come up. But dentures that are made by a professional denturist are more trustworthy, professional and quality is ensured. Besides, you can also visit your denturist every time you have any trouble.

6.Can I be allergic to my dentures?

Being allergic to dentures is not uncommon. Some patients can be allergic to the color pigment in the plastics or acrylics. This may cause a burning sensation in the mouth. Often poor oral hygiene can also result in allergies. You can discuss with your denturist the type of dentures that you should get.

7.What is the best material for Dentures?

Dentures are usually made of materials like Acrylic, Resin based, Metal based, Titanium, Peek and others. The best material for dentures depends on the needs of the patient and also on the intra-oral conditions. Consult a denture specialist to know which material is suitable for you.

8.What are the best dental clinics in Edmonton, Kingsway?

The best dental clinics in Edmonton and Kingsway are:

  • Shore Denture Clinic
  • Kingsway Dental Choice
  • Affinity Dental Group
  • Wright Denture Clinic
  • Kingsway Dental Care

9.Why are dental implants best for tooth replacement?

Dental implants are considered to be the best tooth replacement solution because it provides maximum comfort as well as enhances the appearance of the person. It gives the feeling of owning real tooth for those who have lost their tooth due to decay, injury or other reasons. With the right dental implant, one can laugh, speak, eat and smile normally and also interact with others with renewed confidence.

10.Where can I get affordable treatment for Dental Implants?

Any dneture clinic that is recognized and has a professional implant specialist, will offer affordable treatment for dental implants. For example: Shore Denture Clinic offers affordable dental implants and denture services in Kingsway and Edmonton areas. Leon Kassian is a veteran dental specialist who has been providing efficient dental treatments for more than 20 years.


Now you can bid goodbye to absent teeth with the perfect dentures. Also, you can laugh, talk, eat and sing without being conscious of your presence. Confidence is the key to a powerful personality and the right dentures will prove to be the best aid.


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