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Some Common & Interesting Facts about Denture Relines


Dentures have a tendency to become less comfortable with time and this calls for a denture reline. If your dentures provide discomfort with time, causes difficulty in eating, speaking laughing and singing, it is time to go for denture relines. The means by which you reshape your dentures on the underside to provide maximum comfort by resting against the gums, is the main purpose for denture reline. Denture reline is an affordable treatment for anyone who has started to wear dentures but is encountering bone absorption at a rapid rate.

Some Common & Interesting Facts about Denture Relines

Denture reline are of 3 types:-

1. Soft denture relines-

This is considered to be the most comfortable option by many. Soft denture relines are recommended by most of the denture clinics in Edmonton for those who have sensitive gum tissues and feel uncomfortable because of the weight and feel of the denture. The procedure for getting a soft denture reline is by pouring liquid polymer inside the denture that acts as a cushion and also provides depth. This is a dental treatment that does not take much time but nevertheless, there are certain denture relines requiring frequent improvements as they are soft and porous.

2. Hard denture relines-

Like soft denture reline, the main aim of this reline type is also reshaping. The only difference is that the material that is used for hard denture relines is different from the former one, that is, the material is harder that gives a hardened denture base. The main advantage of this reline type is that it is more effective and long-lasting than soft denture relines.

3. Temporary relines-

As the name suggests, this type of reline is not a permanent solution. For those whose dentures have caused swollen gums over time, this type of reline is for you.

There are certain questions that are often asked by patients who are thinking of getting denture relines. Let us go through some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Why and When You Should Get Your Dentures Relined?

As your age increases, it begins to show effects on your body, including inside your mouth. For many, it means visiting the dentists more often. For some, a well-fitted denture is the key to happy oral health. Dentures are basically removable teeth that are used to fill up the empty spaces of the missing teeth. With time and use, dentures can wear down and fail to provide comfort like before. Due to this, the dentures tend to fall out and food particles also get trapped inside the dentures. This is when you should visit a clinic for denture relines in Edmonton. Denture relines are important to maintain the hygiene of your dentures and make sure it doesn’t become the breeding ground for oral infection. To know more interesting facts about denture relines, click

2. What is the best denture relining kit?

If you want to reline your dentures at home, you can purchase a denture reline kit. However, visiting a denture reline clinic in Edmonton is the best option that you must avail. Some of the effective denture reline kits that you can go for are:
Perma Soft Denture Reliner kit
ProSoft Denture Reliner
D.O.C. Reline-It

3. What is the purpose of relining dentures?

The purpose of relining denture is to make it well-adjusted inside your mouth so that it provides both comfort and stability. Relining your dentures will fillup the empty spaces below the denture that may be created by bone resorption. Relines will also keep your gum and underlying bone healthy.


Understanding the importance of denture reline solution is required to have a pleasant experience in wearing dentures. So before you decide which denture is the best for you, do not forget to pay attention to the vital points discussed in this article.


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