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Say Goodbye to Sensitivity Problems with these 6 Tips


People with sensitive teeth face real problems during the winter season. During this season, the seriousness of their problem of sensitivity in the teeth, dawns on them. Having anything hot or cold becomes a painful affair in their everyday lives; they lose out on the simple joys of life like having cold coffee with ice-cream or enjoying a brownie with hot chocolate sauce!
Sensitivity can sometimes turn out to be a grave dental issue. That is why in Edmonton, dental solutions have been provided by eminent dentists to ease out the uncomfortable situation.

Let us look at some of the helpful tips to tackle sensitivity in winter:

1. Use a toothpaste that is meant for sensitivity

A toothpaste that treats sensitivity issues are ideal to use in this season. These kinds of toothpaste function by blocking the pores where sensitivity affects. Brushing twice a day with this toothpaste can provide a great deal of relief from such a problem. Also, you can rub some of this toothpaste on the gums if sensitivity troubles you the entire day.

2. Forget extremely hot & cold foodstuffs

Sensitivity problem occurs when the cold air outside hits your teeth. Whenever there is an extreme change of temperature, your teeth suffer sensitivity problems. Thus avoid having extremely hot or cold food stuffs and make sure you brush using lukewarm water. In this way, the temperature remains moderate enough to provide relief from sensitivity.

3. Acidic drinks should be forgotten

Do you know? If your tooth enamel is softened or broken down, it can cause sensitivity. And you will be more surprised to know that acidic drinks are the topmost contributor in breaking down your tooth enamel. So if you want to control your sensitivity issues, say no to acidic drinks from today itself.

4. Use a soft toothbrush

Nowadays, getting a soft-bristled toothbrush is no longer a difficult task. Almost every popular toothbrush brand manufactures soft brush that is perfect for sensitivity. Moreover, there are also toothbrush especially meant for only sensitivity, available in the market. These are also recommended by veteran denturists in Edmonton that helps you to be gentler with your teeth and gums. Remember! The harsher you are with your teeth and gums, the more sensitivity will trouble you.

5. Stop teeth grinding with a mouth guard

Teeth grinding is another cause that positively calls for sensitivity issues. Often, many people grind their teeth without being aware. Young children, especially, are in the habit of grinding their teeth when they are sleeping. Such action should be immediately stopped because the friction caused due to grinding wears out the enamel and becomes the perfect reason for sensitivity. If you cannot stop grinding by your own efforts, consider visiting a denture clinic in Kingsway to get a mouthguard.

6. A fluoride mouthwash should do the trick

It is a known fact that if there is any mineral that repairs weak teeth enamel, it is fluoride. Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride in generous amounts twice a day, can help you to get rid of bacteria that cause odor as well as protect your enamel from wearing out.


Sensitivity problems in the teeth is as annoying as sensitivity issues in life. So get rid of such problems easily by following the above simple tips this winter!


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