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Pointers To Take Better Care Of Your Teeth This New Year


New Year is all about resolutions. Be it for your health or career, promising yourself to be a better person is the norm during the start of the year. However, these resolutions get easily broken either due to a lack of motivation or just plain forgetfulness. Constructing a method to keep the promises made during the initial days of the year is thus key.

Have you ever thought of taking better care of your teeth during the following year? Trying to eat healthy to gain a better shape or attempting to work harder to get that promotion you have been vying for and more is something we have all gone through but how many of us have really tried to treat those pearly whites of ours better? Dental problems have become quite prevalent during these days when bingeing on junk is the way to live. Continuing on this path can lead to premature tooth loss and the installation of dentures to support the jaws in the absence of the teeth.

Dental Care
Turn over a new leaf this new year and resolve yourself to treat those teeth optimally and spare yourself the pain and anxiety that comes with damaged teeth.
Following are a few pointers for you to incorporate into your daily schedule to have a healthier mouth throughout the year:

Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only injurious to your physical health but also comes in the way of your teeth’s health. The nicotine that enters the lungs, damaging them for good have an even more adverse effect when they come in contact with the enamel of the teeth. The smoke corrodes the delicate tissues of the gum, leaves behind stains and affects the roots that secure the teeth to the jaw. Resolve to do away with the habit of smoking and enhance the longevity of your teeth.


Denture services are almost always followed with the advise of proper flossing every time you have a meal. Flossing should be an inherent part of your dental hygiene if it is not already. However, if you have been practising flossing regularly, we must ask you to up your game and floss more. This simple method has the ability to drive out the tiniest of particles that remain wedged inside the teeth which might later flare to gigantic proportions, affecting the health of the teeth. Flossing also prevents inflammation and the growth of bacteria.

Eat Healthy

The expert team of professionals at the dental clinics in Edmonton prescribe the right food to  eat to maintain the health of the teeth. Cut back on the sugars, chocolate, acidic fruits, aerated drinks as these escalate the process of corrosion. Eating healthy should not only be practised to lose those extra pounds but promise yourself to do so to have a dazzling set of teeth and mouth devoid of pertinent issues like foul breath and plaque.

Regular Dental Appointments

Schedule appointments every three months with your dentist and spare yourself the worry that comes with damaged teeth. Dental check ups see to it that no bacteria build up takes place and that dental issues are met with an early detection. This leads to prompt results and a healthier set of gums to see you through the longest time.

Shore Denture, one of the premier dental organisations in Edmonton offers the safest solution if you find yourself a victim of faulty teeth. Their expert denture solutions see to it that the damaged teeth are met with the optimal care, preventing the issue from spreading to the other parts of the mouth.


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