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Immediate dentures & how to care for them in the right way


Gone are the days when people used to be toothless after extraction and felt embarrassed to smile in front of everyone. With the invention of immediate dentures, now you can get your teeth extracted and have new teeth inserted on the same day! Immediate dentures are the immediate solution that is provided after tooth extraction; that is, dentures (complete/partial)are inserted immediately after your tooth is removed.

Take Care for Immediate Dentures

The biggest advantage of immediate dentures is that it instantly relieves your problem of not having teeth/tooth. These dentures look exactly like your original set of teeth as they are made after taking the size, shape and color(of the gum) into consideration. So all you need is an experienced denturist in Edmonton to have the benefits of not having your real teeth!

But simply getting your immediate dentures at any renowned denture clinic in Kingsway is not the end of your problem. You need to follow the right denture care so that your immediate dentures last longer without troubling you.

So let us look at the right denture care tips that you should follow:

1. Denture care on the day of insertion-

On the day you get your immediate dentures from your denture clinic, after coming back home simply let it rest inside your mouth as excessive activities can cause swelling and bleeding. Since there will be little bleeding for 48 hours after surgery, you can cover your pillow with a towel. You may be prescribed some painkillers to reduce the pain. If there is too much swelling, apply ice pack every 20 minutes. You can have a soft or liquid diet for 2 days and gradually take in solid food. You will be asked by the denturist for a visit after 24 hours at his/her emergency denture clinic in Edmonton; till then do not remove the dentures.

2. Denture care after 24-hours-

You can remove your dentures and clean both your mouth and dentures only after 24 hours. Moreover, you must clean both your mouth and dentures with a brush and liquid soap as frequently as possible to reduce the chances of infection. Remember! Use only a soft brush to clean your gums. You need to keep your dentures inside your mouth for approximately 3 days even at night when you sleep unless the operated areas get healed. After that, you can remove the dentures and keep it in a denture cleaning solution at night.

3. Everyday denture care-

After 3 or 6 months post surgery, you will notice some sort of shrinkage in the bone and gums. This is so because the area surrounding your dentures has already healed. As a result, your dentures will seem to be loose with a tendency to fall off. This is when you need denture relines or other denture repair solution where your dentures are fixed with more permanent material. Remember to take off your dentures before sleeping so that there is better blood circulation to reduce the loss of bone.


Dentures are truly an intelligent option for many, especially for those who earlier had to suffer from lack of confidence due to missing tooth/teeth. Moreover, there are numerous clinics offering affordable denture repair in Edmonton which means you can get your dentures repaired in various ways.


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