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Dentures: The Impeccable Solution for your Absent Teeth


Having your tooth extracted due to cavity, decay or diseased gum is not only a painful affair but also leads to a major loss- your set of teeth! Removal of teeth does not mean you will survive without teeth for the rest of your life. With the latest discoveries, denturists around the world have come up with an easy solution- denture services. These are substitutes for your missing teeth that looks identical to the ones you just lost. Not only in terms of looks, but the feel and the comfort are exactly like your original set of teeth that you had to sadly get rid of.

Dentures Solution for Absent Teeth

Dentures come in two categories:

1. Temporary-

Also known as ‘immediate’ and ‘partial’ dentures, these are given by denturists for only two or three months. It is useful for those suffering from sensitivity in the teeth and gums. By going for denture relines in Edmonton, the patient will have teeth while the area heals up and also the remaining sensitive teeth will have less pressure exerted on them while chewing food. These dentures are made long before your tooth is extracted to ease out your difficulties while eating.

All About of Removable Partial Dentures


  • The foremost advantage that you will have with these dentures is that you can smile in front of everyone with all your teeth out!
  • There would be no embarrassing moment due to no presence of teeth.
  • Moreover, as these dentures are given immediately after extraction, control of bleeding and protection of the gums are instantly ensured.

2. Permanent-

This is done when extraction can be avoided. Having your own teeth is something you should be proud of. Hence denturists will try to preserve your original set of teeth using permanent dentures. It takes around three to six weeks to make permanent dentures and incorporates three major steps:

  • Impressions- In order to make the perfect dentures, your denturist will take the exact measurement of your jaw and the space inside your mouth so that it can easily fit without causing discomfort.
  • Models – Before laying hands on the final making of the dentures, your denturist will give you a mold of was or plastic to try it out. This will enable you to know whether you require adjustments in the size, shape and colour of the dentures or not.
  • Casting- The final dentures are inserted in your mouth and changes are then made if there is any necessity.

Permanent Denture Repair


  • Permanent dentures preserve your natural teeth
  • Improves the appearance of the teeth
  • The perfect aid for eating & sleeping peacefully

Do you know why denturists providing denture services in Edmonton recommend using dentures even while sleeping?

Your denturist may ask you to wear your dentures even while sleeping since this is the easiest way to know whether you require any changes or not; is it comfortable for you to wear it all the time because dentures that have no proper fittings, can be disturbing o your gums.

Many people may visit a denture clinic in Edmonton for denture services. But are not aware of the right care that must be given to their dentures.

These are some tips to care for your dentures:

  • Make sure you stand on a thick towel or have a bowl of water in front of you when you are handling your dentures as they are fragile enough to break when fallen.
  • Remember to keep your dentures in a solution or plain water so that they don’t dry out.
  • Don’t forget to brush your dentures just like you brushed your teeth.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your tongue, gums and palate before wearing your dentures.


Getting dentures from a central Edmonton denture clinic as a replacement is one of the best ways to enhance your oral health. After all, without teeth, not only will your appearance be hampered but also it will be a difficult life for you to live.


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