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Denture Relining & Everything You Need to Know About It


Constant use of the dentures tends to make the dentures loose. This is when most patients opt for denture relining. In simple words, denture relining is the easy and cost-effective procedure of reshaping the underside of a denture to ensure that it fits comfortably and doesn’t rest against the gum. Increasing the stability of a denture, this procedure is performed to enhance and retain the denture while also improving the facial appearance.

All About Denture Relining

Using a loose denture is not only uncomfortable but causes extreme difficulty in performing daily functions like chewing and talking. Denture reline helps improve such issues and provides overall relief to the patients. This has contributed much to the popularity of the procedure.

Sometimes denture can become loose due to the poor adaption to the tissues in the mouth. This also calls for denture reline. Denture occlusion, denture contours and tooth position are also responsible for causing the denture to become loose. These issues need to be diagnosed correctly and in time to avoid further issues. While relining can be used to find solutions to such problems, the oral tissues need to be healthy in order for the relining to have optimal results. In certain cases, a tissue conditioner is used to improve its health for subsequent treatment.

Relining is widely preferred by patients, however, before opting for one, it is of significance that more is learned about the Denture relining.

The Types of Denture Relining Techniques

There are mainly two types of denture reline techniques performed by the denturists. These are stated as follows.

  • The direct method or also known as the chairside
  • The indirect method or the processed method

The indirect method is the more popularly used method and is taught widely in dental schools. For the chairside process, the materials are considered to have significant disadvantages. Though there are no studies that particularly compare the outcomes of denture reline methods, both are considered to be extremely affordable and ultimately save a lot of time.

Taking the Impression for the Right Denture Reline

Expert denturists have time and again focused on the fact that it doesn’t matter which reclining technique is retorted to, it is pivotal to get the denture impression right. Getting wrong impressions can end up in having to make unwanted changes, uncomfortable fitting that can cause the lip to look raised. Denturists thus use low viscosity elastomeric impression material or by using tissue conditioner to get the right impression.
A thin layer of impression material is sufficing. Too much impression will cause gagging in the mouth. It is also advisable to remove excess material using a spatula. The dentures should not be filled completely either. This process is a tricky one and should be performed with utmost precision. Make sure that the denture is placed properly to ensure that the relining is appropriate.

Though relined dentures might not be brand new in their status, but should be treated thus. Use the right tools to secure the denture. It has been proved that denture reline not only saves time but also reduces future discomfort.

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