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Dental Issues That Are Common Occurrences Amongst People Over 50


Oral problems are perhaps some of the most common troubles that people of an older generation face. Though it is not accurate to state that oral problems only affect those over 50 while the younger individuals get to go scot free even after the consumption of large quantities of candies and sugary treats, a bit of care during the primary years go a long way. Along with staple ailments like arthritis, cardio-vascular problems and others, oral troubles are the next most prevalent diseases that the elderlies are subjected to. Teeth corrosion and cavities lead to an eventual teeth loss and these conditions are then stalled by the installation of dentures.

dental issues above 50

Complete and partial dentures are the go-to solutions for people over 50 and now with the advancement of orthodontistry, dentures no longer pose an issue while being installed, nor do they create a continuous discomfort inside the mouth. 3D imaging technologies used by denture clinics in Edmonton, create customised dentures that fit the mouth without a glitch. With frequent check-ups at the dentist’s for minor adjustments due to shift of the jaw bone structure and the following of the after care treatments as prescribed by the doctor, rest assured that the smile would remain intact for long. However, not tending to these tell tale symptoms that need the installation of dentures, can lead to severe and even fatal consequences.

Let’s take a look:

Oral Cancer

The chances of oral cancer increases with old age. White patches, lumps, painful ulcers on the insides of the mouth are signs that result in cancer. The disease develops with the increase in the consumption of alcohol and tobacco and must be detected at the earliest stages for an efficient treatment.

Dryness Around The Mouth

Dry throat results in older people who are already subjected to a lot of medication. Difficulty to swallow and bad breath are some of the common symptoms that lead to dry mouth and a loss of saliva. Dentists in these cases prescribe dosages of medicines that curb such issues and these must be taken regularly to avoid critical problems and an eventual loss of teeth.

Bleeding Gums

Gum problems are other signs that gradually progress to teeth corrosion and loss of teeth. Usually a result of poor oral hygiene, one is diagnosed with gingivitis when gums start bleeding or produce an intense pain. Weak roots are also the cause for gingivitis and this too should be detected early to avoid further complications.


Tooth cavities are not just for the kids. Older people too get affected by cavities that form along the surface of the teeth. These hardened layer of bacteria form around the roots, around fillings and denture relines can result with old age. At times, proper brushing and flossing too fall short in treating cavities and thus regular check-ups at the dentist’s must be maintained to keep tooth troubles at bay. Cavities have the ability to harm teeth in a way that results in periodontitis that soften the area around the gums and yes, you guessed it, will eventually lead to the loss of teeth.

Shore Denture Clinic, one of the premier dental organisations in Edmonton for treating tooth troubles that lead to the installation of dentures offers a one-step solution that aims to restore that smile of yours.
Being over 50 should not mean the end of the world and the team of experts dentists at Shore Denture, sure do know that.


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