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Dental Implants: Why are they more popular than dentures?


With the advancement in technology having a substitute for missing teeth, is no more a problem. People can opt for either having dentures or dental implants, based on their requirements. But first of all, what are dentures and denture implants?

Dentures are flexible alternatives for the missing teeth; that is, these set of teeth can be taken out of the mouth and worn by the user again as per his/her need. One can go for full or partial dentures in Edmonton depending on the requirement.

Dental Implants Better than Dentures

Dental implants are slightly different from dentures. These are also an alternative for the missing teeth except that dental implants replace the roots of the missing teeth. They provide support to the crowns, dentures and bridges. In comparison to dentures, implants are much more secured and give the maximum comfort to the wearer.

It has been noted that people are opting for affordable dental implants more than dentures.

Let us look at some of the reasons for doing so:

  1. Dentures are inconsistent by nature; that is, they slip off easily and so, require an additional adhesive.
  2. Taking out the dentures is quite a painful experience for a majority of the users as the denture cream is extremely sticky.
  3. A complicated cleaning process is associated with dentures.
  4. The shape of the wearer’s face also changes after wearing it for too long.

Partial Dentures

What are the benefits of having dental implants and not dentures?

  1. Unlike dentures, dental implants are consistent. They do not fall out anywhere and any time.
  2. Food particles do not accumulate in the implants and so, there are very less chances of having sore gums and raw spots.
  3. No restrictions in consuming food; the wearer can eat any kind of food, hard or soft.
  4. Cleaning process is the same as cleaning your original teeth; no more struggling while pulling out your teeth or immersing them in a solution.
  5. Dental implants also enhance the wearer’s appearance and instil self-esteem as well as confidence.
  6. It is also an effective way to retain the original shape of the jaw bone which leads to an improved facial structure.
  7. Lastly, dental implants are just like having your original set of teeth. Hence, it helps to lead a better life than with no teeth at all!

Dental Implants

Types of Denture Implants

If you are planning to visit an implant dentistry in Edmonton, you must know about the two main types of dental implants and their sub-types:

1. Removable denture implants-

As the name suggests, these implants will give you the liberty to remove them from your mouth. Under these implants, there are two sub-types:

a) Implant-Retained Overdenture-

It contains two or more implants that come with a removable tool. When compared to normal dentures, these offer more support as well as aid in chewing food comfortably. Considered as the most affordable option, this type of implant is much popular as far as dental treatment is concerned.

b) Implant-Supported Overdenture-

This involves attaching the replacement to four dental implants. It is considered as the best option for people with a high upper smile. This is due to the fact that it conceals the point where the gum tissue aligns with the denture.

2. Fixed Denture Implants-

This type of implants comes with no removable option. This set of implants is permanently fixed inside the mouth by the denturist. The two types are:

a) Implant-Supported Denture-

It is similar to the implant-supported overdenture with two differences- four or more implants act as a support for the denture and is non-removable.

b) Implant-Supported Bridges-

This is the most popular option among the people as this type of implant helps one to get back his/her teeth that almost looks and feels natural. Also this implant will still function in the best possible manner should there be any occurrence of failure in the implants.


Going for dental implants rather than dentures is a more feasible option if you want a permanent solution for your missing teeth. So, visit a reputed denturist in Edmonton and consult with him/her prior to selecting the type of dental treatment.


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