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Health Conditions That Are A Result Of Severe Dental Issues

We often impose strict restrictions on kids to maintain proper gum care and oral hygiene. From instructing them to brush after every meal, restrict the intake of sugar in their diet to frequent dental check-ups, dental care for children and teens are almost always looked after. However, tooth related problems still persist amongst young ones ... Read More


Dental Implants or Dentures? Choose Wisely

Choosing between dental implants and dentures can be a difficult task. However, the benefits offered by dental implants make them highly suitable.

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Tips To Care For The Dental Implants Post Surgery

Contrary to popular belief it is not only old age that might lead to the installation of dental implants or dentures. Adolescents and even younger children might need to have artificial dental installations due to the corrosion of teeth. Such unfortunate cases are caused due to an unhealthy or irregular oral hygiene routine, improper diet ... Read More


Do Dental Implants Triumph Over Bridges?

With rapid advancement in the field of dentistry, missing teeth either due to injuries or tooth decay need not mean that the damage is beyond repair. The questions that need to be addressed during these circumstances are the nature of the dental treatment, how durable it is and whether it is the only option. Technology ... Read More


Denture Installations At A Younger Age

The very idea of acquiring dentures can be daunting. Even more so when we are still young. Losing teeth at an early stage can seem quite overwhelming but the increasing number of technological innovations can be relied upon to get your confident smile back. The thought of young people opting for dentures is not as ... Read More


All That You Need to Know About Denture Care

Despite the fact that dentures are comprised of artificial teeth, you have to take care of them. Proper oral hygiene should not be compromised whether it is the dentures we are talking about or the natural teeth and gums. If you are looking for tips for denture care, read on to verify whether you are ... Read More


How Do Removable Dentures Work

The artificial replacement of gums and teeth is referred to as dentures. Everyone wants a clean and healthy smile, however, it isn’t always possible because of factors, such as poor oral hygiene, accident, or a disease. If any one of these reasons results in tooth loss, you will have to consider booking an appointment with ... Read More

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