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Bid Adieu to Pain with these 7 Technologies in Dentistry


Dentistry is a field that is characterized by constant change and invention; every other day, a new technology or tool is being invented to suit the needs of the patients. These inventions are responsible for making any dental treatment a painless affair.

Now no more feeling afraid or worries before dental treatments. Here are some of the latest technology in dentistry that is adopted in any reputed denture clinic in Edmonton.

Goodbye to Pain with 7 Technologies in Dentistry

1. Digital X-rays-

Compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays use less radiation and are also faster. A person on completing digital X-ray, has the image immediately on the computer screen. Your dentist can have a better look at the image by zooming in and then can provide the exact knowledge about your oral needs. Moreover, because of less radiation (up to 90% less), digital x-rays are safer than normal X-rays.

2. VELscope-

To detect any abnormalities inside your mouth, your dentist will use a special type of light. This light is called a VEL scope. This tool is especially useful in detecting any type of oral cancer in the initial stages. Accordingly the treatment will be done and it will prevent the disease to spread further.

VELscope for teeth

3. Dental implants-

Dental implant services are replacements for the root portion in the form of screws. A person who can’t smile freely due to missing teeth, again gets back his/her power of confidence to smile back with a new set of teeth. If you are looking for the best dental treatment to replace missing teeth, go for denture implants as it gives the patient the look and feel of having natural teeth without any trouble.

Dental-Implant service

4. Night guards for grinding-

If you have a bad habit of grinding your teeth at night while sleeping, bid goodbye to this habit with a night guard. This is an equipment exclusively designed to treat teeth grinding at night. This tool is placed on top of the mouth and acts as a preventive barrier between the top and the bottom set of teeth. Grinding means moving your jaw back and forth and this is stopped when you unconsciously grind your teeth at night in sleep.

Night guards for grinding

5. Teeth bleaching-

If you want to get rid of the yellowish coating of your teeth, opting for a teeth-whitening procedure is a feasible idea. Teeth bleaching is the most sought-after teeth whitening method where the dentist uses peroxide-based bleaching agents. These agents are applied on your teeth for some time because the longer you keep, the whiter it will become.

Teeth bleaching-

6. HealOzone-

If you want to eliminate tooth decay in a painless way, try Heal Ozone treatment. It contains ozone(O3) that kills fungus and bacteria effectively. This treatment is also efficient in detecting the early symptoms of tooth decay and prevents further progress.

7. Laser dentistry-

This procedure is used to fill cavities, reduce sensitivity in a tooth, removing tumors and even whitening. The plus points of this treatment are it is free of pain as well as it is quick. This procedure eliminates any kind of bacteria that could otherwise cause complications in the future.

Laser dentistry Gum disease


Thus with so many latest technology and tools, the world of dentistry is surely transforming for the betterment of the patients. Thank to such innovative inventions, now you can go for any form of dental treatment without the fear of having to undergo pain and trauma!


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