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A Look At Night Guards And Their Many Benefits To Ease Dental Troubles


Dental problems can arise from a number of problems. Be it irregular oral hygiene or the lack of it, developing an acute oral problem is not unheard of. Prolonged negligence is the primary reason behind such mishaps. Not to mention the constant consumption of foods rich in sugar and unhealthy fats and you have got yourself a problem that needs to be immediately checked. However, visiting the dentist is often not always on the list of priorities and this is how a minor issue gets eventually turned into something major.

Benefits Of Night Guards

The list of dental problems that require the assistance of expert denturists is long and endless. Gum diseases, tooth loss, disintegration of teeth to even bruxism are some of the few more common teeth disorders that require denture relines. Studies show that one out of every 12 individuals suffer from bruxism and it is mainly a result of stress and anxiety. Bruxism is a condition which arises when you constantly grind your teeth during the night while you sleep. The stress hormones kick in and you are left chewing and clamping on your teeth throughout the night resulting in lock jaws, tooth aches and mouth sores. Indeed it is one of the most uncomfortable position to be in, especially when you have no control over it.

One of the most useful tools to combat such a condition is a night guard. If you are a victim of insomnia caused by bruxism, it is advised by denturists in Edmonton that you get yourself a customized night guard to save yourself from unfortunate consequences, with tooth disintegration and facial pain being some of the many.

Have a look at a few benefits that you can reward yourself with from having night guards:

  1. Improved Sleep Patterns
    With denture night guards you can have a proper sleep pattern, not be forced to wake up in the middle of the night and not nod off the next day at the office because you had a restless night of sleep. The night guards inside your mouth prevent the teeth from clashing and grinding with each other. The night guards help position the teeth and the jaw in a manner that help the muscles relax, giving you a restful night of sleep devoid of excruciating pain.
  2. The Night Guards Do Away With The Severe Aches
    Yes, severe bruxism is often the reason behind those throbbing headaches that you experience throughout the day. Tongue sores, spasms, mouth aches, ear aches are a direct result of continuous grinding of the teeth. Not only are you having your teeth damaged but the sudden pains are also a result of such an abnormality; abnormalities that can be easily done away with night guards available in Edmonton.
  3. Prevents Severe Tooth Damage
    Denture repair services in Edmonton prescribe customized night guards especially to those who have previously installed dentures, denture relines and have fillings inside their teeth. Continuous grinding severely damages the teeth and can even cause the foreign material inside the mouth that supports the gums to be damaged beyond repair. All you need to do is slip in the night guard before going to bed and prevent the nighttime nightmares.

Shore Denture Clinic is regarded amongst the best denture clinics in Edmonton and rightfully so. Enlist the help of the expert team of professionals at Shore Denture and have yourself or your loved ones a customized night guard to ease troubles.


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