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5 Ways to Identify Your Future Need for Dentures


There is a common misconception that dentures are only for the grandparents. Well, it might be hard to digest, but the need for dentures can arise in young people as well. The use of dentures is extremely prevalent in young people. While poor oral hygiene can be cited as an issue for the same, there are many other reasons which clearly point to the need of getting a denture.

According to various studies, approximately 20 million women over the age of 40 retorts to using partial or complete dentures. The number is set to increase to 37.9 million by the year 2020. Loss of tooth is a long process and doesn’t take place overnight. For patients who have lost their teeth, dentures seem to be the only treatment available. Extremely useful, most modern dentures are made to imitate the look and feel of natural teeth. However, the loss of natural teeth can be emotionally and physically jarring.

5 Ways to Identify Your Future Need for Dentures

Experts of denture services Edmonton based have however summarized such situations which indicate the need for dentures in the future. Read thoroughly for if you are suffering from either, you should visit denturists right away and get the problem fixed.

There are too many gaps between your teeth

Ask any dental expert and they will suggest you that loose teeth are not a matter of joke for they can lead to eventual loss of all. Too many gaps between the teeth can be caused by a plethora of underlying issues such as gum infections. Advanced scenarios have led to the erosion of tooth. Extensive treatment is required to reduce the gap. Also, the chances of getting food stuck between the teeth are high, which can further lead to other issues. If you have too much gap between the teeth, make sure you seek the right treatment if dentures are not what you want.

You have several missing teeth

When you start losing teeth, the bones in your gum start weakening, thus affecting the surrounding teeth. The rest of your teeth becomes loose and starts falling till you are left with almost none. So, if you are missing more than a tooth, you should seek the help of prosthetics to prevent the other from falling. Partial dentures are easily available at the clinics of denturists. Get one before you have no teeth left.

You have swollen and tender gums

Gingivitis or gum infections affect your teeth in ways you can’t even imagine. In fact, studies have revealed that 70% of the adults lose their teeth due to underlying gum infections that have been neglected at large. Almost three out of four people get affected by gingivitis at some point in their life. Swollen, tender gum is a symptom of infection. Early treatment can stop the infection from spreading. If not treated at the right time, it can start affecting your teeth, causing you to lose all with time. Gum infections cause bone erosion, which is responsible for the loss of teeth and subsequently having to use dentures, aid is necessary.

You get chronic toothaches

A chronic toothache is a sign of cavity, which when left untreated will cause your teeth to decay, leading to the full-time use of dentures. Cavities and plaque attack the roots of the teeth that causes it to become loose with time. If treated early on, tooth decay can be prevented. When left to decay further, the damage can spread to the neighbouring teeth, leading to irreversible damage. Advanced stages of tooth decay lead to the removal of the same, which will force you to take the aid of dentures. If one or two teeth are affected, you can remove these and get partial dentures.

You have to struggle when eating certain types of food

One of the biggest indications of needing dentures in the near future can be highlighted by the struggle you may have while consuming certain types of food. Missing or damaged teeth can cause difficulty in the consumption of foods which are hard or chewy. Denturists witness this is a major indicant of needing dentures. While correct treatment from beforehand can provide some relief and save the natural teeth, but this type of issue might need denture in the long-term.

To conclude, now that you recognize the signs of needing dentures, make sure you recognize these early on and seek the right attention. Visit denture clinic Kingsway based and get the ultimate dental solutions. Whether you need partial or complete dentures can be best determined by the experts. Seek their advice today for an affordable cost.


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