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4 Of The Few Dental Diseases That Occur During Old Age


Tooth problems over the age of 50 are incessantly on the rise due to a lot of factors. Dentures and dental implants have almost become commonplace and thinking of old age without visualising these foreign structures is kind of impossible. Bingeing on sugary foods, not drinking enough water that help in cleaning the teeth off of food particles, not following a healthy oral care routine, too much of tobacco and not following through the dentist’s appointments can be major causes of tooth disintegration.

Old Age Dental Care
Brushing the teeth twice daily or everytime you have your meals, flossing and rinsing thoroughly are taught to us since forever, however, we often choose to ignore these wise words and end up on the wrong end of the bargain as we age. Denture services are becoming all the more prevalent to cater to the myriad dental needs and it would do individuals good to be even more aware of the difficulties concerning their teeth.

Let us take a look:

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is quite common during old age and is something that can inevitably happen if you take a lot of medications. Dry mouth occurs when there is a decrease in the production of saliva. As saliva stops the demineralisation of the teeth, lack of it can accelerate the decaying process of the teeth. Dry mouth leaves behind a metallic after-taste in the mouth, dry, chapped lips and often bad breath.
Try stimulating saliva by sipping water frequently or chewing on non-sugary gums to combat dry mouth.

Oral Cancer

Two of the main causes of oral cancer is an increase in the consumption of alcohol, chain smoking or if you are addicted to chewing tobacco. Only about half the people diagnosed with oral cancer survive the disease and that too if it is detected at the earliest stages. It has been noted that 80% of the patients who are diagnosed during stage 1 or earlier have a chance of surviving for a good 5 years.
Schedule appointments with your dentists and go through a cancer scan every few months as part of a precautionary measure.

Gum Diseases

Do you spit blood when you brush your teeth? Do your gums remain painfully swollen at all times? You must be suffering from gingivitis that can lead to periodontitis, a gum disease where the gum gets pulled back from the teeth. The condition creates pockets that are prone to infection. Untreated gingivitis can lead to loss of jaw bones that is only the first stages of eventual tooth loss.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth often go untreated as they do not pose a lot of hindrances during the younger years. However, as you age, the problem persists and the once slightly overlapping teeth get even more crowded. From food getting stuck in the wedges to difficulty while brushing, crowded teeth can cause serious trouble if not tended to. Misaligned teeth also cause erosion and harm the surrounding tissues.

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